About Us


PC Merch is your partner in providing licensed pop culture apparel & merchandise operating from The Netherlands. Through the years, PC Merch has build a team of pop culture connoisseurs. Our aim is to offer you a broad variety of licensed product categories related to video games, movie blockbusters, anime and tv series.

Besides the latest popular releases, we offer a variety of retro and cult classic products that, to this day, have a high retail value because of their epic nature.

At PC Merch we always offer the best to our partners which enables them to always be competitive and efficient. We are proud of our extended network of publishers and manufacturers. 

PC Merch's design studio is able to work on your desired production in any way in order to meet your requirements in packaging, labeling and bundling.  Our design studio makes it possible to assist you in setting up exquisite marketing & sales campaigns, as well as custom design.